Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014


For this post I have interviewed Liseidy Sanchez, who is an expert on the boyband One Direction. I have asked her a few questions about them.

Q: What makes you an expert?
A:  I know like everything about them. I have liked them for quite some time and they are my favorite band.

Q: How did you hear about them?
A: You Tube

Q: Who’s your favorite member?
A: Niall Horan, he is so funny and sings really well. Also he is so cute and adorable. He’s my babe!

Q: What your favorite song by them?
A: You & I, the reason I like that song is because it is a cute love song and all of them sound so good it in.

Q: Why do you like them?

A: They are inspirational and I just enjoy listening to them. I love them so much!

I thanked Liseidy for allowing me to interview her!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Guest Blogger

On this post i will have Ana Ornelas tell us about boybands.

Boy band reviews
I have listened to boy bands but don’t know the history of how they all started. I think that when boy bands sing it sounds a whole lot better because all the band members are singing and working together. One of my favorite bands is one direction I really like who they sing. I think that boy bands are pretty awesome. Some of the boy bands don’t know each other until they meet at places like TV shows.  I don’t like how some of the boy bands repeat other singers songs but there are some occasions when they make there own songs and that is what I like to hear.  I don’t know what kind of boy bands I really like but what I am sure of is that I enjoy listening to them. Most boy bands mostly sing love, hate, or breakup music.  Some of the boy bands that came out were in the 70s it was the Jackson 5 and menudo. Boy bands are made up of 5 teens and they all have their own special place. For example the sweet one most likely to appear shirtless on posters and on photo shots also is the one that will be the most likely to success as a solo for his career he would also be a good protagonist. The bad boy/ rebel are the one who has the rougher edge the one that doesn’t obey the one that all girls want. The cute one is the second sweet one often meant as a foil. The older brother is the cool and also the reassuring that girls can relate to the boy bands. Then it’s the shy one it’s the nerd from the band. That is what boy bands are all made of.   Overall I think that boy bands are really awesome I like how they all work together and how they sing.