Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Response

In 2013, One Direction released their third official book called Where We Are: Our band, our story. Each of the members of the band gives their personal stories and how being in the band has changed their life. They also talk about when they first started on the X Factor and what they have planned for the future. The book is filled with many pictures from their previous tours Up All Night and Take Me Home Tour.

What I liked from this book is that there is a part where they are all being interviewed. They ask them questions like “who’s the funny one of the band?” and like “who is the messiest.” Each of the members has different personalities so it’s really funny what they have to say, especially Louis Tomlinson. Also what I like is that they didn't know they were going to be so successful. They talk about what they had planned for future if they weren't in One Direction.

There wasn't anything I dislike from this book. It gives a lot of detail on their life, what they do when they are on break when they aren't on tour and how they prepare when they are about to go on stage. Obviously a teenager will enjoy this book more than an adult unless you like One Direction.

In conclusion, I recommend that you should read this book if you really like One Direction and if you don’t then I don’t need your negativity.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Passion Blog

I’m going to rant about how people think that boy bands are so lame. To be honest I don’t think they are lame but that’s just my opinion. I think they are quite good. I have heard of other boy bands and I like them but they are just so old and don’t really catch my attention.  Like for example I only really like one boy band and that is One Direction. It gets kind of annoying on how much people tell me constantly that they suck. Obviously for me they don’t suck so stop.

Short Story

One day there was this girl named Amanda, she was so in love with a band that people started to question her and make fun of her. She was so fed up with it that one days she just hit everyone with a shoe that made fun of her. They all stopped and she kept on listening to that band in peace.

    The End

Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 Second Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer or 5SOS is an Australian band that was formed in 2011. In the band is Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Michael started the band and asked his friends of they wanted to join. They started off by doing covers of songs on you tube and they started preforming in small venues around Australia.

They released Somewhere New in 2012 and they were only a little famous in Australia. They had a few fans here and there but it wasn't until 2013 that they were known international. 5SOS were asked to join One Direction to be their opening act during their Take Me Home Tour. They accepted and went on tour with them, They played in Europe, The U.S and back in Australia. They got a positive reaction from the crowd while preforming and gained more fan each day. After Finishing the Take Me Home Tour they announce that they were going to be touring in the UK and in Europe. All shows were sold out after they tickets went on sale.

Their tour started in January of this year and later on they announced that they were coming back to America. Their first stop in the U.S is going to be in San Francisco ( it makes me sad because I am not going) then they will tour all around the U.S. After their American tour is over they will take a break and this summer they will return to be One Directions opening act in their Where We Are Stadium tour (I am going to that one!!!).

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are a group/band that was started in 2005. Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas were formed into a band when their youngest brother Nick got called back to the studio to record. The recorded label said they would look good as a band and they could all sing and play instruments so they signed all of them to record a record.  There first song was “S.O.S” which made it to number one on iTunes. Also their album made it on the top five on the Billboard charts and went platinum.

Their second album, A Little Bit Longer,was released in 2009 and made it to number one. The Jonas Brothers were told that their audience under the age of 11. They were then signed to Disney channel and the recorded the movie Camp Rock. Camp Rock was also recorded in 2009 so they got more publicity. Also they had their on TV show on Disney Channel that had had good ratings.

They went on tour all over the U.S and started to write another album. They had 3 good years of success but then started to die down. It was rumored that they were having problems and that they have broke up. One of the brothers got married and had his own TV show with him and his wife. It wasn't until 2012 when they unexpectedly announced that they were going back to touring. They went on tour in South America and sold out every show. In April of 2013 they released their song Pom Poms. It went to number one and then they announce that they were going on tour in the U.S.

Then after finishing a successful tour in the U.S they announce that it was their last tour and that they will be breaking up. They are continuing as solo artists.