Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear Blog Reader,
 Throughout this year I have been working on my blog that is about boy bands. Over the months each blog post has gotten better.

In the beginning of the year I first started off with the sources and short book reviews. The ones I am talking about is the book review “A Century of Pop” by Hugh Gregory and Billboard. They don’t have a lot of details and are both really short.  At that time I still wasn't really sure how to structure those reviews so they aren't as good. The last book response I did was One Directions “Where We Are: Our band, our story”. That one is one of my favorites because I worked really well on it. This blog post contains a lot of detail and I give a brief summary of what this book is about. Also this post was a lot longer than the last one and has a good paragraph structure.

Next what I was more focused on was writing reviews or SSR about boys bands. I would write how and when they started, their success and what they are planning for the future. The first one I did was of the Jackson 5. That one was a short post and tried to put as much detail with little words. I think the best review I did was on 5 Seconds of Summer. Even though that post is really long it contains a lot of detail and a lot of personal opinion. I talk about how much I like them and how I am going to see them soon. It is a three paragraph review and is structured nicely.

The blog assignments made me a stronger writer because it gave me the chance to write freely. For example, my One Direction post was the one where I first started to write more. Compared to the older post that one I added more sentences because I knew what I was talking about. Also other free writes are my poems and short stories. My short stories are literally really short and same with my Haiku. I tried making them really funny because that’s I had to put some of my personality into my posts.

Hopefully I will continue writing posts about boy bands. I found this very helpful because I get better at writing and presenting.

Monday, May 5, 2014

SSR: One Direction Demographics

Most people think that the boy band One Direction only attracts 12 years old but you are completely wrong. I didn't even know this but they have a fan base of men and women over 50 years. About 46% of the fans are 35 years or older and then 15% of theses fan are over 55 years.

It amuses me too see that there are a lot of older people that enjoy listening to One Direction. I read that the older fans like listening to them because it reminds them when they were younger and they can relate. Hopefully people can now see that One Direction isn't just for teen girls. Everyone can listen to listen to them. Their music is really mature so I don’t see the problem of liking them.