Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Response

In 2013, One Direction released their third official book called Where We Are: Our band, our story. Each of the members of the band gives their personal stories and how being in the band has changed their life. They also talk about when they first started on the X Factor and what they have planned for the future. The book is filled with many pictures from their previous tours Up All Night and Take Me Home Tour.

What I liked from this book is that there is a part where they are all being interviewed. They ask them questions like “who’s the funny one of the band?” and like “who is the messiest.” Each of the members has different personalities so it’s really funny what they have to say, especially Louis Tomlinson. Also what I like is that they didn't know they were going to be so successful. They talk about what they had planned for future if they weren't in One Direction.

There wasn't anything I dislike from this book. It gives a lot of detail on their life, what they do when they are on break when they aren't on tour and how they prepare when they are about to go on stage. Obviously a teenager will enjoy this book more than an adult unless you like One Direction.

In conclusion, I recommend that you should read this book if you really like One Direction and if you don’t then I don’t need your negativity.


  1. Your love for boy bands is quite fascinating to me. I know another person who strongly enjoys one direction. I just don't see it. I enjoy that you're doing your blog on a rather interesting topic. More people should branch out and create blogs that truly interest them like yours does. Or you make it seem like you're increasingly interested with boy bands. Good work :)

  2. I think that the purpose of this to recommend the book to any One Direction lover. Your book review was very detailed and I kind of enjoyed reading it. Your did a great job on this . I think you should write a quote from one of them about what they planned in the future. Your conclusion needs a little bit more of detail like how many pages does this book have.
    Berenice S.