Friday, March 21, 2014

Short Story

One day there was this girl named Amanda, she was so in love with a band that people started to question her and make fun of her. She was so fed up with it that one days she just hit everyone with a shoe that made fun of her. They all stopped and she kept on listening to that band in peace.

    The End


  1. Who is Amanda? What band did she really like that people where making fun of her? Who is everyone and why with a shoe they could of hitter with a different object. Have you ever been in this situation before that people say things about the bands that you like? What have you done if you were in this situation before? How would you solve the problem?

  2. Wow this is a really short story. Do you have a passion for short stories? Did you make up the story or is it real? Why did she throw a shoe, why not something else? Do you identify with this story? Is Amanda your friend or family member?
    Berenice S.