Friday, December 20, 2013

One Direction

One Direction is the biggest boy band in the world today! It all started with their 2010 X Factor audition. The five boys each auditioned as solo artists sadly they did not make the cut but the judges thought they were too valuable to let go so they were put into a group. Each week the boys were killing the stage with each performance they did, but in a surprising result they left the competition leaving them in 3rd place.

Right now One Direction finished working on their 3rd album called Midnight Memories. Midnight Memories was number one in about 97 counties. The album was available to pre-order on iTunes a month before the release date.  A week before the album was released it was accidentally leaked. Even though that it was released a week before Midnight Memories was a big success. Their first single off of Midnight Memories was a song called "Story Of My Life" and "Best Song Ever". Both of those songs made it number one on iTunes when they were allowed to purchase.

According to Billboard One Directions third album topped charts even more than their last two albums, Take Me Home and Up All Night


  1. I am very excited to see more on your blog about your topic! I also am a One Direction fan. Not only are they adorable, but their songs are also amazing and easy for people to relate to. My new favorite song of theirs is "Story of My Life" :)

  2. I really enjoy a hand full of their songs, and I'll probably end up liking more as they come out with more. I'm excited to see more about the band, and my favorite song by them right now is definitely "Story of My Life"! <3