Friday, December 6, 2013

Sources about Boy Bands

According to A Century of Pop by Hugh Gregory, the 1990 were the start of boy bands. Boy bands are a group of talented male artists that sing and/or dance on stage together as a group. These boy bands had a big impact in music at that time. They started getting popular and seem to attract the younger generation then adults.

Billboard is the biggest music source in the world. In one of their article they state that boy bands have sold millions of records and have had massive tours around the globe, but the success does not come to everyone. Billboard talks about the biggest boy band from the late 80's all the way to 2012.


  1. Your topic seems very interesting! Are you going to talk about your favorite boy bands?

    1. Thank you. Yes i will be talking about my favorite bands in a future post.

    2. What is another boy band that you like other than one direction?

  2. I didn't know that boy bands began in that year. I don't think that adults would really like boy bands and more if they are younger than them. It looks like this is a great book to look at.
    Berenice S.